Food Production Systems Planting and Harvesting Planning Progress

The One Community open source food production systems planting and harvesting details are progressing! Each of the food production structures below is being designed to be duplicated as a standalone structure or as a complete village food infrastructure set. Combined they will provide over 11,500 square feet of year-round growing space and each structure will […]

Highest Good for All One Community Progress Update for the Week of 4/8/2013

Here is the One Community Highest Good for All progress update for the week of 4/8/2013 including the video overview, most recent architectural images, links to the most recently completed pages, and more! HIGHEST GOOD FOR ALL VIDEO UPDATE FOR THE WEEK OF 4/8/2013 HIGHEST GOOD FOOD UPDATE This last week for One Community has been […]

New Aquapini Drawings, Open Source Blog and Updates, SEGO Center City Hub Update, and More

Here’s our sustainable living communities open source project-launch blueprinting update for the week of 3/11 including updated aquaponics/aquapini drawings, the newest SEGO Center City Hub export, open source Education for Life updates, and more. Also our weekly blog update (first three minutes) and a 17 minute discussion about what is open source project-launch blueprinting, what do […]

Video Update

This is our first One Community video blog update. If you like this form of update, please comment, like, and/or share it so we know. If the response is positive we will do more of these. If the response is really positive we will do one a week. OUR SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS Facebook Updates Page   ● […]

Village Development Plan: One Community Open Source Infrastructure Update

margin: 0px 5px;” title=”One Community Earthbag Village Development Plan” alt=”earthbag village, One Community Pod 1, village development plan, One Community village development” src=”×300.jpg” width=”185″ height=”185″ />”>Our ” title=”One Community Open Source Blueprint Page” href=””>open source“> village development plan continues to move forward. We made significant progress last week on the ” title=”Earthbag Sustainable Village Construction: One Community […]

One Community Launches National Volunteer Campaign and Other Updates

One Community is happy to announce that we have launched a national nonprofit volunteer campaign in preparation for the release of our open source collaborative portal, to assist with our swiftly developing education program, and our on-going infrastructure details. In addition to world change, helping One Community comes with a lot of personal, business, and industry […]

One Community Update

We just emailed an update to a couple of our closest collaborators for global transformation and realized we should share that update here too! Here’s what we are up to over the holidays: Our non-profit application will be open-source and free-shared and available on the this site by the end of the year, we should have a […]

Center of Peace and Aquaponics Moving Forward

The SEGO Center City Hub and Aquaponics designs continue to move forward! New images are now available on the SEGO Center Details page and the Aquaponics Details page. We’re also happy to announce that we’ve received a lot of new help recently in the form of new Consultants to the project that we’ll be announcing here soon […]

Garbage Warrior

Michael Reynolds builds living spaces out of garbage. He takes all of the things that are thrown out locally and turns them into houses. But not only are they houses, they are each unique, beautiful living structures, enviroartistically designed and completely self-sufficient. These incredible pieces of art, called Earthships are all completely different.  Each one is specifically designed […]

"In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model.

You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called."
~ Buckminster Fuller ~