One Community What Do We Mean by “The Highest Good of All” Video Blog and Update

This video discusses our accomplishments for the last week (the week of 3/17/2013) and what we mean by “The Highest Good of All” and being a Highest Good of All organization. We also discuss creation of self-sufficient and self-replicating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities to be built around the world. ONE COMMUNITY VIDEO UPDATE BLOG #4 […]

Ecological Sustainable Design Tool: The Sustainable Development Matrix Ethosolution

We just finished our ethosolution feature on a great ecological sustainable design tool called the Sustainable Development Matrix. What the Sustainable Development Matrix is is a comprehensive green development strategy proposed by Sustainable Land Development International (SLDI) for ecological sustainable design for business and land development best practices implementation. We have featured this system as an ethosolution idea because the Sustainable […]

Open Sourcing our Photovoltaic Systems Design Process and Other Energy Infrastructure Details

One Community’s sustainable energy infrastructure is just one aspect of our blueprints for self-sufficient and self-propagating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities strategy to be built around the world. Just as we will be showcasing a diversity of eco building methodologies and alternative food production options, so too will we showcase a diversity of alternative energy methodologies ranging from traditional generators to solar, wind, and newer technologies as they become […]

One Community Radio Show Interview!

One Community founder Jae just booked a radio show interview for the week after next. We’ll record it next Tuesday and it will air on three ecologically conscious programs on three different radio stations in either February or March. Two of the radio stations are in California and one is in Texas. Unlike the internet […]

One Community Welcomes 1Stop Energies as Our Newest Renewable Alternative Energy Partner

We are happy to announce that One Community is now partnered with 1Stop Energies, the makers of the new renewable alternative energy Unification Coil. Invented and created by Daniel & Erica Nunez, the Unification Coil is a product of the combined work of Marco Rodin’s “Rodin Coil” and Randy Powell’s “ABHA Coil.” We will be blogging later […]

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: Open Source Energy Infrastructure Update

Energy efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand and we have spent extensive time exploring the various energy options available with the following criteria in mind: 1.  Sustainability (effective, durable, ethical) 2. Duplicability (can be shipped globally, affordable) 3. Sufficient to provide the foundation we need to explore a diversity of other options for expansion […]

The Global Sustainability Collaborative – We are Happy and Excited to Lead!

As we’ve announced here before our sustainability non profit organization is A) intent upon leading a global sustainability collaborative and B) the grateful recipient of a $10,000 a month internet marketing grant. After over 6 months of preparation and research we launched this aspect of our marketing campaign three weeks ago. What we didn’t expect was the international response […]

Open Source Sustainable Food Systems Update

We’ve been busy with infrastructure design details! Here are the initial layouts and aquaponics and walipini combination designs called aquapinis. The three walipini food production systems we will demonstrate as Phase I of the One Community self-sustainable food production plan are: Walipini Greenhouses: These will be used as traditional soil growing areas to grow things we can’t grow […]

Sustainability Non Profit Site Update

Along with all the infrastructure details that are moving forward (more updates coming here this week), One Community has been in the process of updating our sustainability non-profit site to create an overview site because this site is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate as we produce more and more open source content. Looking into the future […]

Agriculture Sustainability and Seeds – “The Gift,” A 3-Minute Film by Jean-Marc Abela

When it comes to agriculture sustainability, seeds is where it all started – for human civilization and for our daily bread today. Yet so few people are saving seeds these days. Many of us do not even know what the seeds of the food we eat look like. Jean-Marc Abela created a short and beautiful video to […]

"In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model.

You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called."
~ Buckminster Fuller ~