One Community Welcomes New Consultant Charles McLean to the Sustainable Infrastructure Team

Charles McLeanOne Community is happy to welcome Charles McLean to the consulting team working with us to evolve and complete the SEGO Center City Hub and our aquaponics/aquapini sustainable food systems designs. Charles is an Architectural BIM Designer, College Professor, Urban Agriculture Designer, and the owner of OM Greengroup. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture, and a Master’s Degree in Education-Curriculum & Instruction. He is also a member of The Detroit City Council Green Task Force working to revitalize the Metropolitan Detroit area by providing sustainable ideas to implement new infrastructure capabilities evolving around reclaimed water policy issues, urban agriculture policy issues, and Green Building and Infrastructure policy. Charles is also a developer of the world-leading Autodesk Architecture and Engineering Software. With over 15 years of architectural experience, totaling more than 5 billions dollars on architectural projects, Charles applies his leadership skills, experience, and diligent commitment to sustainable design and implementation to deliver qualitative and quantitative results that improve any project at hand.

SEGO Center City Hub Update

Charles has already contributed hugely to the evolution of the SEGO Center by suggesting and helping design with Karl Harris (Architect Drafter, Designer, and founder of KH Designs) the move of the Living Dome bathrooms into the center of that dome as well as designs for the 4th floor bathrooms. Here is today’s CAD Export showing the most recent changes:

  • Addition of 4th floor bathrooms
  • New Living Dome central bathrooms
  • Removal of walls in the 2nd floor Living Dome area
  • Addition of a mezzanine access walkway in the Dining Dome
  • Additional expansion of the central natural pool and hot tub area
SEGO Center, One Community, open source architecture, eco-architecture, green living, sustainable living, SEGO Center City Hub Redmarking

Click to visit the SEGO Center Open Source Hub where you can enlarge this image

Here are Charles’ designs for the 4th floor bathrooms as well:

SEGO Center, One Community, open source architecture, eco-architecture, green living, sustainable living, SEGO Center City Hub Redmarking

Charles’ Designs for the 4th Floor SEGO Center Bathrooms

Next step is to begin 3D renderings as our partners at P2S Engineering are working on their recommendations for us making this a LEED Platinum build.




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