International Sustainable Living Communities Development Strategy and Implementation

We believe people who desire to help the world are beginning to see self-sufficient and sustainable-living communities working together as a resource efficient, regenerative, and sustainable path to international sustainable development. Non-profit leadership demonstrating and open source project-launch blueprinting and free-sharing everything necessary for duplication of all aspect of One Community is our contribution to this. In so doing, we desire to facilitate a movement of duplicable and self-replicating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities working together for The Highest Good of All and purposed to collaboratively continue to:

● Inspire people to duplicate everywhere the sustainability models we provide
● Evolve and simplify green building technologies and modular eco-community components
● Provide needed education and sustainability resources to help the world demystify the process
● Ultimately move enough of us into thinking and creating for The Highest Good for All so everyone benefits

Our four-phase strategy for creating and implementation of the above is what we feel will most efficiently move the global environment ecologically, socially, economically, and permanently towards a comprehensively sustainable future for everyone by creating a model solution that creates additional solution creating models.




planet bulb, eco bulb, self-sufficient and sustainable, non-profit leadership, regenerative and sustainable, sustainable path, sustainable civilizationWe believe creating successful sustainability models that will be embraced and duplicated globally by the mainstream public is maximized by our ability to engage and inspire people while simultaneously making it easy to replicate. Once we open source project-launch blueprint what is needed, we see teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities duplicating rapidly. We also feel this duplication will specifically happen quickly internationally due to the affordability of overseas land, less restrictive building environments, and the spirit of adventure in many people who really desire to make a difference for those who need it most. To offer non-profit leadership and support inspiring as many people as possible, we are purposed to expanding sustainability to include fulfilled living practices and aggressively and indefinitely free-sharing and open source evolving all aspects of an increasingly comprehensive sustainability model.

Continually doing this makes all aspects of our sustainable communities model:

  • As widely known and globally accessible as possible
  • As easily understandable and duplicable as possible
  • As inspiring and desirable to the public as possible

The more people that are inspired and desiring for themselves what it is that we create, the more demand there will be for implementation leading to the directing of financial resources and resourceful people where we believe they are needed most: the establishment of additional sustainable communities around the world. This will not only duplicate this sustainability model, it also duplicates the teacher/demonstration model for teaching new people to duplicate it even more.


Open source project-launch blueprinting and free-sharing is our favored approach for spreading our ideas and increasing interest. What we are purposed to open source share is an evolution of sustainable living that addresses the complete human experience. This means evolving green building technologies that include:

And also evolving and open source sharing other foundational aspects of an evolved civilization including:

Because our four-phase strategy goes far beyond just open source creation and free-sharing, each of these components is being developed and shared as a modular component for additional eco-community development. The reason for this is so that each of these pieces will be able to be further implemented and evolved individually or as a complete teacher/demonstration community, village, or city where they are needed and wanted most.

inspiring people, resourceful people, teach a man to fish, fish quote, sustainable communities model


We believe the time is upon us for a comprehensive solution to the greatest challenges of humanity and so we are going for nothing less than the complete transformation of our planet into something different. Our approach is education, open source availability and agressive sharing of all resources, inspiration, and demonstration through teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities around the world led by One Community.

self sufficient, sustainable living communities, sustainable living, working together, resource efficiency, sustainable development, international sustainable development, international sustainability

“The solution for everything is the solution to anything.”

~ Jack Reed: Author of The Next Evolution

Through this approach we will take education and sustainability out of the hands of the few and put it into the wanting hands (because of the four-phase strategy that creates a the new market for sustainable living communities) of the many; we create more of what existing humanitarian and philanthropic organizations need; and we will predictably create and drive more new sustainability business than we think most sustainability sectors can currently handle. In preparation for this we are partnering with as many organizations and individuals as possible that demonstrate operating and conducting business for The Highest Good of All so that we can create clear win-win-win-win relationships:

  • Win for business because of referral of this new market business through us
  • Win for the planet because we will be referring to eco-minded organizations
  • Win for us through financial support of our non-profit organization and our global goals
  • Win for the consumer because we are coordinating with manufacturers, education institutions, individuals, and vendors to produce the absolute best possible value, and most convenient delivery of goods methodologies, as part of this model to help the world and facilitating more engagement of the sustainability industry as a whole through building sustainable living communities and sustainable living components

increase needed sustainability resources, increase demand, increase support, increase philanthropy, increase humanitarian movementThrough win-win working relationships, operating for The Highest Good of All, inspiring others, and making what we do easier for everyone else to duplicate, we not only provide education and increase needed sustainability resources, we also address the underlying roadblocks to a sustainable planet by decreasing the cost and simultaneously increasing the demand and generating financial support for global sustainability, philanthropy, and humanitarian movements and organizations.


It is this approach of evolving strategies for sustainable development and non-profit leadership in the building of sustainable living communities all operating and sharing for The Highest Good of All that we see uniting the world and leading to a new golden age for humanity. While we understand that not everyone believes this is even possible, we are none-the-less bringing together all those that do see this as possible as the think tank of forward-thinking individuals willing to design, build, and open source project-launch blueprint and free-share it.

There are many ways to participate in forwarding this blueprint now, and more ways coming in the future. Right now people are participating as consultants or partners donating time to our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and others are more involved as Pioneers of the core team that will be moving to the property. We also have options for people to just follow our progress or participate through internet contribution.

The following are additional ways we intend to offer non-profit leadership as we see the mainstream becoming more and more involved in the sustainable communities and international sustainability expansion process:

● Scholarships
● Free weekend learning groups
● Core team members choosing to travel abroad to help others get established too
● Handling the marketing for all similar models operating for The Highest Good of All
● Hosting classes and other sponsored events to promote and demonstrate additional methodologies

We also imagine the high likelihood that our organization will become a foundation, like the Gates Foundation, that is trusted as the donation point for distribution of monies to help others to establish this model also.


Our approach to uniting the world and international sustainable development is to inspire people so we put the momentum and money of the mainstream into creating additional teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities modeled after One Community. Doing this is what we see as pioneering a new paradigm of empowered people, philanthropy, and humanitarianism founded on giving people the necessary tools and guidelines to escape the “rat race” by establishing themselves as sustainable villages that teach others how to establish sustainability too. We see this as the key to transforming the way people live here and facilitating comprehensive sustainability globally as people integrate and create sustainability with cultures abroad as well.

The reason we know it will work is because the complete model is designed to inspire people to a new way of life and give them the exact details they need to make a decision if they’d like to be done with what they are doing now and do something different. This new way of living will be comprehensively sustainable, offer a superior living experience for them, their families, and anyone else who they decide to build with and, if they follow our model, they will be able to help others have a superior living experience too.

Here’s a 45-minute video with Jack Reed and our partners at the Community Planet Foundation that discusses many of these concepts too:

"In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model.

You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called."
~ Buckminster Fuller ~