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A Day in the Life

We believe people are beginning to realize the possibility of living a life that is more fulfilling and for The Highest Good of All. We think that deep within many of us there is an awakening and a desire to be a part of something that celebrates, shares, and spreads the human potential for growth, happiness, creativity, cooperation, collaboration, innovation, love, joy, and more. We are creating this, and open source project-launch blueprinting it, as a place and experience of each day as an expression of the creative human spirit and demonstration of lives of more fulfilled and enriched living, purpose, constant growth, and meaningful interaction with each other and our world community. Developing and sharing this re-learning of what life is about, and how wonderfully it can be lived in harmony and cooperation, rather than competition, is what One Community is about; breathing life into a duplicable prototype and generations of teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities globally collaborating, creating, and advancing the entire human organism.



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For One Community fulfilled living means building a place for The Highest Good of All where we demonstrate comprehensive self-sustainability, share it as our continual contribution to the forward movement of our planet, and host the diversity of personal growth, recreation, and social activities necessary to provide for the majority of people’s ideas of living a life that is rich and inspired. It is a teacher/demonstration village of unique and beautiful design, conscious and conscientious creators working together, and people sharing the things that they are most passionate about.

This new way of living for The Highest Good of All is being made possible by bringing together forward thinkers with a common vision and the skill-sets to build our own homes, grow our own food, and fuel a social architecture as diverse as our group. Because of our sustainability model, open source project-launch blueprinting model, revenue streams built on people visiting and experiencing One Community, and the purpose of our non-profit organization, community members will not need to have jobs outside of the community; choosing instead to live a life of cooperation, creativity, collaboration, and sharing of individual gifts through our community contribution model.

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As a demonstration and foundation for contributing to global advancement, the community contribution model we will be implementing will provide significantly more free time and ways to enjoy that time than traditional living models. This is possible because domestic duties, building tasks, open source project-launch blueprinting activities, and maintenance of the entire One Community living model are rolled into the 40-hour “work” week we call community contribution. This includes everything necessary to maintain One Community as a non-profit leader of international sustainability development, functioning teacher/demonstration village anyone can visit, as well as a broad diversity of social, recreational, and personal growth activities within a few minutes walk. Time availability is additionally increased through the elimination of the extra hours many people work outside of the workplace, the need to commute, availability of childcare and schooling (for those who choose the community education model), and an efficiency model we apply to all tasks.

● Read the community contribution page for details on how community contribution works
● Read the social architecture page for details on how we organize and create our enriching environment


All of this creates a culture of collaboration, creation, and sharing that will allow people to experience a full-emersion re-learning of life for the purpose of nurturing, celebrating, and unleashing the human potential. We support this through our shared vision and daily collaboration and the cooperative maintenance, evolution, and on-going additional open source project-launch blueprinting and sharing of our sustainable infrastructure, consensus governing, a resource based economy, childcare and education, business model, etc. and a constantly evolving and broad diversity of daily classes and recreational activities including: live music, art, reading groups, dance/exercise, mindfulness practices, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, diverse spirituality, game nights, movie nights, nature education, writing, computer programming, and anything else 3 or more people desire to organize as part of their recreational/social contribution aspect of community contribution. All these opportunities will be open to everyone living at One Community and the public once we are ready for that phase of sharing.


Keeping One Community running successfully will be handled through the consensus process by prioritizing the fundamentals and a built-in inclusion of the social/recreational structure. Community development, open source creation, cooking, building, food production, and community operation and maintenance are focused upon first and additional community contribution time is then used to make our organization and environment an even more globally impactful, fun, and enriching place to be. People create their own schedules with accountability that can be easily audited by anyone so fairness is ensured, tasks are rotated and accomplished by working in teams to make them more fun, and the consensus and collaborative process will be used to evolve all aspects of the day to day process through voluntary weekly meetings.

In the case of the beginning stages of community building, when we have so much we need to accomplish that we could spend 100% of everyone’s community contribution and still not get it done, we are prioritizing the social/recreational structure and allocating 5 hours per person to it to make sure this aspect is attended to. With a starting group of approximately 40 people, this means maintenance of a pool of roughly 200 hours per week, or 28 hours a day, creating a diversity of options for growth, recreation, and enrichment contribution that can be filled by any activity open to the group and supported by at least three people.

Take a look at the community contribution page for a detailed example of what a couple of “average” days at One Community might look like from waking up to going to bed.

"In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model.

You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called."
~ Buckminster Fuller ~