Jacque Fresco Venus Project and Futuristic Society Interview by London Real TV

Futurist Movement | Jacque Fresco Venus Project

96 year old Futurist Jacque Fresco, Founder and Director of The Venus Project (www.thevenusproject.com), flew out to London for an interview with London Real TV to discuss everything from his philosophies and his vision for the future of our world to the Zeitgeist Venus Project movement. This short blog post covers the comments and questions we thought were most significant, and the Jacque Fresco quotes that answered them.

Watching this interview and Jacque’s comments regarding his vision of our futuristic society, it appears that he puts heavy emphasis on the way that man thinks and how it is affecting our world today.

“When you think, you think in terms of your culture.”

Jacque Fresco Venus ProjectHe even goes as far as to say, “There is no way you can think outside of your culture.”

The example that he uses to support this philosophy is that back in the old days, people wrapped the electrical wire around a cardboard spool so that it would not get tangled up. He then reminds us that it was Tesla who discovered that if you had a coil nearby, it would induced the current in it.

Jacque Fresco quote: “Tesla didn’t say, ‘I have to make wireless electricity!’ The brain does not work that way.”

Fresco Meets Einstein

Jacque Fresco (JF) met Albert Einstein (AE) when he was a kid and asked him if he believed in God…
Einstein’s response was, “Which one?

Jacque Fresco Venus Project

JF: Do you believe in truth?

AE: What do you mean by truth?

JF: Like certain things are so.

AE: Like what?

JF: Well this is smooth.

AE: You really believe that don’t you?

JF: Yes I do.

Einstein then puts the item under a microscope and it looked rough.

JF: Is that what it’s really like?

AE: We can’t see things as they really are. There are so many things we can’t see. We can’t see the radio waves, even germs.

Jacque Fresco Venus ProjectJacque says, “You can’t be conscious unless you have variable receptors… When people say the way I see the world is the way it is – that’s ridiculous. We can only see it depending on the quality of our receptors and background.”

When the interviewers asked him if he invented anything, he goes about explaining the process of coming up with the Venus Project models for the future. From Jacque’s perspective, he looked at several architectural books, primitive and advanced, and concepts of other people and extracted from that.

“Your frame of reference is what you see.”

Not afraid to say things often considered controversial, Jacque speaks his mind saying, “All cultures are basically corrupt – its language is old – designed hundreds of years ago.” In his opinion, this is foundational to many of our societal problems and he emphasizes that designing a language that is not subject to interpretation is very important, and that the solution to the “corruption” of cultures is the Venus Project.

Jacque and the Venus Project encourages working with children

Jacque states that raising a human being is very complex and that “the worst thing anyone can do is to give people the right to their own opinion.” He encourages teaching kids to say three key words: “I don’t know.” His vision for the future of all education will show visuals and focus on hands-on-learning only.

“Are there any leaders in the Venus Project?”

Jacque expresses that although there are no leaders of the Venus Project, there are people coming up with ways to make things efficient.

“You can never design the best city, but you can design
the best city you know how to design at this time.”

Jacque Fresco Venus Project | Futurist movement

“What do you think of the Zeitgeist movement and Peter Joseph?”

Jacques was featured in the Zeitgeist movie because After Peter read Jacques book The Best that Money Can’t Buy he flew out and spent several hours with Jacque…. and said he got the idea now and was going to run with it his way and make a movie. Jacques said, “I spent 75 years studying this and you’ll have to go out on your own.” He’s been working on it for so many years in order to understand what shapes human behavior.

Jacque says Peter needs more exposure. Jacque said he didn’t work with Peter because Peter said he wanted to use the Zeitgeist Movement as the activist arm of the Venus project, but then Peter never consulted Jacque about it.

“It’s wrong to criticize government without offering a possible alternative.”

“What if we elected you president this year and you started in the oval office Jan 20th 2013?”

“I’d declare all the world’s resources as a common heritage of all the world’s people and get them to join and become one nation who takes care of the environment, the earth, the atmosphere…. I’d abolish all separate nations because they are all corrupt.”

“And the banking system?”

“Gone, no money anymore.”

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To enjoy the complete hour and fifteen minutes of this interview, watch the full video below:


"In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model.

You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called."
~ Buckminster Fuller ~