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earthbag village, One Community Pod 1, village development plan, One Community village developmentOur open source village development plan continues to move forward. We made significant progress last week on the Pod 1 (depicted left) Tropical Dome graywater processing plans that are now complete to the point of a 60-page document outlining the design, permitting, and use of the graywater system that we can now start detailing for the tropical dome specific designs.

Karl Harris (Architect Drafter, Designer, and founder of KH Designs) has also completed the first 3D renderings of the SEGO Center City Hub. Here is his initial 3D iteration of the cupola meditation and multi-media center that functions as the 4th floor of this building:

4th Floor SEGO Center, SEGO Center City Hub, 1st Generation 3D Renderings

Click Image to Visit the SEGO Center Details Page

The hovering circle you see was for a possible shade overhang that we decided to drop during discussion on our weekly call. We are also converting the circular design to a much easier to duplicate hexagonal design, adding in pivot doors that will open up the east and west walls, and exploring different roof designs and how they support and integrate with our open sourcesustainability, and self-sufficient teacher/demonstration village development plan.

Food Infrastructure for the Village Development Plan

Lastly, we have completed what we hope will be the final necessary drawing (see below) for the aquapini sustainable food infrastructure designs. We’ve got one more call with Avery Ellis (Aquaponics Specialist, owner/operator of Integrated Aquaponics, and our primary consultant on this component of One Community) and we should be ready to send these drawings to Doug Stenhouse (Architect and Water Color Artist) for the next evolution.

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Click Image for the Sustainable Food Infrastructure Overview Page


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