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One Community Welcome Teams

One Community uses Welcome Teams to help new members get up to speed, promote group facilitation skills, and further team leadership development. This page is the outline of the purpose and function of Welcome Teams and Welcome Team Facilitators:




The structure of the Welcome Teams is a selection of individuals from the various Project Teams. The purpose of the Welcome Teams is to maintain a smaller community environment where questions can be answered and the ideas and diversity of happenings of the different Project Teams can be shared and discussed. These teams also function as social groups where team members from different groups can get to know each other better.

  • Share with each other what is being accomplished by individuals
  • Space where larger One Community issues can be brought up for discussion
  • Social space for support whether personal or One Community related
  • Place to check if someone needs community contribution direction
  • Rotating member of each WT reports on the Monday Night Call what each fellow team member’s contribution was

The Welcome Team Facilitator role is selected based on their understanding of the One Community project as a whole and their ongoing ability to facilitate the smooth functioning of their Welcome Team.

MAIN DUTIES: Facilitate weekly Welcome Team call and monitor accountability
  • Host a weekly team call to:
    • Do a personal check-in: how are you doing?
    • Check in on work done for OC: what have you been up to?
    • Discuss any and all OC issues in a collaborative, supportive environment: how is your relationship with OC?
    • Determine if any issues discussed require seeking external support (to answer/seek clarity on questions/issue, etc.)
    • Identify who will report in for this team on the Monday Night Call
  • Take the lead role for the team in making sure team members’ hours are logged and totalled at the end of the week.
  • Maintain a leadership role for answering any Welcome Team Member questions
    • This includes checking on the type of work hours are being logged for
  • Take the lead role in supporting the PEACE Agreement

SELF-EVALUATION: Are Welcome Teams on track? if ‘no’:

  • Are individuals participating?
  • Are Welcome Team Facilitators coordinating effectively?
    • Are teams meeting regularly?
    • Are Welcome Team Facilitators taking a lead role for the team in making sure hours are logged and totalled?
    • Do team members feel a Welcome Team Facilitator effort to create an intimate space for connection?
    • Do team members feel their questions are being responded to, that work requests are being responded to?
  • Additional support for Welcome Teams and Facilitators: Are we being effective?
    • If necessary adjustments/changes as appropriate:
      • In team facilitator
      • In team members
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