One Community’s Path to Consensus

One Community is a long ways along the path to full consensus decision making and committed to a 100% consensus trained team and the 90-day consensus phase in process outlined here. The reason we are waiting until we are on the property to phase in full consensus is because experience has demonstrated the following three essential keys:

● Every person in a consensus process need training in the consensus process
● Everyone in a consensus process needs full energy and time commitment for the entire process
● Everyone needs to be together in person; phones, forums and emails are not effective tools for consensus




With each of the above in mind, the way we are operating right now is that team members decide and work together to collaborate on as many of the One Community projects as possible (see the Updates Page for an overview of current projects). To assist with this, we are organized into Project Teams that are open to any Pioneer with an interest in a project or in multiple projects. Pioneers who are most knowledgeable about particular projects and how the projects fit within the larger picture of One Community are chosen and organized by Jae, who oversees One Community’s creation and implementation.

For more general decisions, Jae (who averages 40-60 hours weekly developing all the pieces of One Community) coordinates and collaborates with Pioneers who demonstrate having the most knowledge, passion, and understanding of the overall project, plus greater time commitment, energy investment, and accountability working with Jae to move everything forward. Pioneers who invest more knowledge, time, and energy moving any part of the project forward naturally rise to leadership roles and are more involved in One Community, while Pioneers having only the minimum of 4-6 hours of time and energy to invest typically choose more limited roles committed to more detail-related discussions specific to the areas and tasks on which they focus relatively narrowly.

We maintain the following teams and processes organized for assuring that Pioneers may provide input and/or feedback:

● Project Teams: The teams organized around specific areas of One Community’s development
Welcome Teams: The teams organized around sharing the larger One Community experience
New Proposal Structure: The structure for submitting new ideas for review and refinement
Feedback Format: Helping each other grow and improve is facilitated by the use of this format
Monthly Reviews: Every month a two-way review is organized between two members of the team
Monday Night Calls: Every Monday we host a team call to:

  • Report on what each individual did during the prior week
  • Report on the progress made within each  of the projects
  • Discuss as a group any new issues of importance
  • Enjoy a little group social time and sharing for those that desire to stay after the formal call


One Community is dedicated to creating and demonstrating a new paradigm of conscious collaboration, co-creation, and leadership for The Highest Good of All. To accomplish this we are committed to a culture that embraces feedback, has been trained in mindful communication and screened through the consensus process, and is ready to launch the first large-scale consensus-based community of this kind. All the above mentioned tools, techniques, and organized processes for effective self-governance and cooperative decision making, combined with a commitment to identifying and representing what we feel is for The Highest Good of All, are the foundations as we continue to move towards our model for full consensus governing with groups of 200+ and beyond.

"In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model.

You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called."
~ Buckminster Fuller ~