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Administration Policies

As an elite team of professionals working together to create world change, experience has taught us the key elements that are foundational to the smooth and effective operation of our organization as a whole. We have also learned that if we are all accountable to each of these key elements, then traditional administration and management is not necessary. With this in mind, all new members of One Community are asked to read and agree to the following as part of joining the One Community team:

  • The One Community Accountability Statement
  • The One Community Hands-off Administrative Policy



As an elite member of an elite team, I agree to be present, communicative and supportive toward the One Community processes that require my participation for the integrity and success of the group and this project. This includes:

I understand that this participation in all of the above, and One Community as a world changing organization in its current phase of development, requires a minimum contribution of anywhere from 6-10 hours each week, exceptional communication, and exemplary responsibility and I agree to be proactive and accountable. I also understand that falling out of alignment with any of the above agreements could be grounds for me being asked to leave One Community.


The guidelines listed in the Accountability Statement above are minimal because they are considered mandatory. As a team we want to celebrate and maintain our group’s elite functioning as well as leaving room for life’s unexpected and expected occurrences. The following three areas are areas we consider most important:

One Community monitors these areas (without management) and generates an automated response anytime one of the above areas is missed. For each missed activity, a blue square is recorded on the page we log our weekly time contribution and the automated response/form letter is sent to notify the individual and indicate what action is required, if any. The purpose of the form letter is to eliminate the need for managerial type conversations.

For missed tangible contribution, time must always be made up in the following week. For missed calls or not recording time in the ACE Application, no action is needed unless 6 or more instances of not participating have been indicated. In the case of 3 or more missed weeks of tangible contribution, or 6 or more instances of not participating in the mandatory calls or logging of time, an additional 2 hours of tangible contribution is added to the person’s One Community participation for the next week. This number increases by 2 hours for every two times beyond the 3 and 6 instance ceilings. The purpose of the increase in time above the 3 and 6-instance ceilings is to provide an additional benefit to One Community and the team as a whole for the instances of non-participation that have been identified as counter-productive to our effectiveness and morale. Failure beyond the 3 and 6 instance ceilings to complete required hours plus additional hours results in removal from the One Community team.

All of the above is covered in more detail on the form letter.


Q: What is tangible contribution?

Please read this page: Getting done what needs to be done: Tangible Contribution

Q: Are there any exceptions to any of the above policies and procedures?

To maintain our system without the need for managers or administrators, flexibility is already included in the system itself and there are no exceptions to the above policies and procedures.

Q: Why is this system so rigid/black and white/etc.?

There are two primary reasons for this system being designed with such clear boundaries. The first is because flexibility is built into the system already in that the expectations are low, multiple allowances without any consequences are built in for the unexpected, and people can miss calls and/or tangible contribution as frequently as they need to as long as they are always making up the time required by the system. The second reason is to maintain it as truly hands-off, eliminating anyone needing to be the person who determines what reasons are acceptable exceptions to the rules, and which reasons are not, because flexibility for “life just happening” is already built in.

Q: I’m thinking about applying to be a Pioneer or Satellite Member and I have questions about something on this page (or anywhere on this website), what do I do to get clarification?

Please email us at ONECOMMUNITYGLOBAL@GMAIL.COM! We are happy to answer any question you may have and every question we get is integrated into this website to further improve it as a resource.

Q: How will these policies and procedures translate onto the property?

When we get to the property we are going to be working shoulder to shoulder every day to build our homesfood infrastructureenergy infrastructure and more. At this time it will be more important than ever to really celebrate our functioning as an elite team and identify any non-elite behaviors and members to maintain the integrity of the larger team and achieve team success. This same format will be implemented with new hours and details as decided by consensus of the group in the first week of moving onto the property.

Q: Why are tangible contribution hours so low?

Tangible contribution requirements are low because they are minimums and mandatory. It is also because we want anyone to be able to participate as a Pioneer Member with us and we respect that our 100% unpaid and volunteer staff has a diversity of other requirements on their time also. Everyone contributes what they can, which amounts to 40-60 consistent hours every week for some team members and the minimum of 4-6 consistent hours for others. Once Pioneers arrive on the property each individual Pioneer will contribute 40 hours to the maintenance and evolution of One Community.

Q: What do you mean by weekly participation in either the Weekly Team Call orProject Team Call?

People are welcome to participate in both calls but only need to participate in one or the other because Project Team Facilitators can check in for their team members on the Weekly Team Call.

Q: What are the specific policies and procedures in relation to the calls?

Team calls are foundational to the effective functioning of our organization. Per the One Community Hands-Off Administrative Policy, the following guidelines have been established for the Weekly Team CallsWelcome Team Calls, and Project Team Calls:

To be counted as “in attendance”:

  1. A person must join the call no later than 20 minutes
  2. A person must be on the call a minimum of 30 minutes

The only exception to the above two points is if a person emails the team in advance that they will not be able to join the call until later. In these situations, to be “in attendance” and avoid a blue square (see above), a person is expected to include in their email the time they expect to join the call and they need to join within 30 minutes of the scheduled call start time in the case of Welcome Team Calls and Project Team Calls, and within an hour and twenty minutes of the scheduled call start time in the case of Weekly Team Calls.

Q: What if I really want to be a part of world change but I don’t agree with one or more of your policies and procedures?

Consider joining us as a consultant or partner (click here for the Consultant’s/Partner’s Page) and/or just follow our progress. We expect other communities will follow with different views on these issues and we will happily be promoting their success also if they are part of the open source and free-sharing network of teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities that we are helping to create. Here are the best ways to follow our progress:

Most importantly, the point of One Community is to build living blueprints open source so everyone can then use them for duplication. If you feel like you’d like to see a different version of One Community, we invite you to embrace the the task of working with us and using everything we’ve already created to form another iteration of this idea, with a new set of rules/policies/guidelines, and attract to this idea the people who share your values and thus like your rule sets. In so doing, providing another for The Highest Good of All option with a potentially totally different approach.

"In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model.

You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called."
~ Buckminster Fuller ~