Sustainable Lifestyles: SEGO Center and Tropical Dome Updates and Images

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SEGO Center Library and Loft Redesign and Move

In our on-going open source project-launch blueprinting program to promote sustainable lifestyles and create and free-share everything people need to duplicate all aspects of One Community, we met with  Douglas Simms Stenhouse (Architect and Water Color Artist) yesterday for 3 hours to pick up the library and loft redesign for the Social Dome (left) of the SEGO Center City Hub. We also had an in-depth discussion about the the redesign of the Pod 1 Tropical Dome. The redesign stemmed from primarily from concerns that we might not be able to get enough light into the current design to support the tropical environment we desire.

Once we started discussing the Tropical Dome in much more detail, we also realized that the majority of people who may wish to duplicate this dome are going to have vastly different environments that they are going to be building in. With this in mind we’ve expanded the redesign with the following criteria:

● It needs to be maximally adaptable and ultimately able to be disassembled if major redesign is needed for us or anyone else
● It will have multiple methods of adjusting for seasonal fluctuations of too much heat, too little heat, and humidity so that the worst-case scenario of disassembly should never be necessary


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Doug Sketching the Tropical Dome

Our 4-Phase Sustainable Communities Strategy is all about making sustainable lifestyles easier and more attractive. We feel if we do this we can launch a mainstream drive to build self-sufficient teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities all over the world. With this mindset we are re-engaging the Tropical Dome to:

  • Reduce the cost
  • Reduce the necessary amount of digging
  • R&D 5 solutions to too much heat in the summer
  • R&D 5 solutions to too not enough heat in the winter
  • R&D 5 solutions to controlling humidity year-round
  • Create a roof that can be adapted to add lighting and/or insulation as needed along with the ability to completely disassemble it if a completely different design is desired

We are also adding some very significant internal design elements so that the recreational application of the dome is supported by the design on day one versus having to wait for all of the greenery to become established. ADA compliance is another addition.


When it is complete the Tropical Dome will be very affordable to build, produce a diversity of food, and provide a beautiful place to relax with a book,  or host meditation, yoga, or other classes and gatherings. In the image below you can see the initial drawings of what we are planning. The structure is circular to fit with the design and layout of Pod 1 and the South wall will be terraced (depicted as sloped) to allow maximal sun penetration year-round. The largest trees and plants will be planted along the North wall with progressively smaller and ground based plants as you move South. At the bottom of the space, and backed by the largest plants and trees, will be a pedestal for a class instructor or small group to enjoy the space. The first terrace will be designed for 15-20 students and space for an additional 15-20 will be incorporated into the other terraces.

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Initial Tropical Dome Drawings: Click to Enlarge




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