Application Form Updates are Complete!

We are happy to say that we just finished the complete update of our  One Community Application Form! We hope what we have created from our two years of interviewing experience is helpful as a usable template for other forming communities and we invite anyone interested in joining One Community to apply!

We also just completed this outline page of our application, review, and interview process: 

On other notes, we also just started to put together the first iteration of a framework for an open source collaboration space. We should launch it in the next few weeks with our  vermiculture septic design, education program development details, and tropical dome greywater processing designs (part of Pod 1) simultaneously.

This open source collaborative space will feature:

  • A copyable and modifiable archive of our component designs and research to this point
  • Links to our ongoing research and development project overview pages and work spaces
  • Links to the development templates and finished documents for projects and project componenets

New image updates on Pod 1 floor plans and the SEGO Center natural pool and eco hot tub are coming today or tomorrow as well.

Be and Grow the Change, Be the Change, Grow the Change, One Community

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