Large-scale Sustainable Communities Strategy

The One Community goal is open source project-launch blueprinting and free-sharing a large-scale sustainable communities strategy that facilitates the building of self-replicating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities all over the world. We are doing this because we are a For The Highest Good of All organization and we believe our success has the potential to create a new era of cooperation, collaboration, innovation, creativity, sustainability, and increased peace and happiness for all of humanity.



Global Sustainable Communities Strategy

The One Community global sustainable communities strategy is open source project-launch blueprinting and demonstrating a more fulfilling and comprehensively sustainable model of living that is meant to duplicate itself because it is specifically designed to be:

  • Affordable
  • For The Highest Good of All
  • Diversely applicable and implementable
  • Better for most people than what they are experiencing now
  • Created so that people with average knowledge and little or no experience can duplicate it
  • Aggressively free-shared to create the necessary exposure so everyone who can duplicate this will know they can and exactly how much time, money, and energy it will take – and what to expect when they are done

This is our For The Highest Good of All approach to building solution creating models designed to create additional solution creating models and to specifically facilitate exponential and sustainable global teacher/demonstration village growth. The following four phases are in progress and designed for supporting each other and accelerating the process:

Sustainable development and communities strategy for the challenges of environment facing today's planetPhase I: Demonstrating a Better Way
We are designing One Community to demonstrate an experience of living that we believe will be considered by most people to be better because it will be more enjoyable and fulfilling. We also think most people will consider it better because it is made possible specifically through a foundation of sustainable infrastructure and a philosophy that is for The Highest Good of All.


Connecting via the internet with the world.Phase II: Open Source Project-Launch Blueprinting
Everything we do we are open source project-launch blueprinting and free-sharing to make it as easy and affordable as possible to duplicate, adapt, and evolve in the manner that suits each individual and/or groups needs. Free-sharing information like this is our aggressive-exposure engine and an aspect of One Community that will accelerate indefinitely as we continue to build our team, move onto the property, and continuously build and evolve everything that is One Community. Here are the constantly evolving hubs for everything we are open source project-launch blueprinting:


Creating a sustainability non-profit for the future of our speciesPhase III: Inviting the World to Participate
Everything we are open source project-launch blueprinting is designed to invite the world to participate by duplication as either individual components or complete teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities that will be able to be built almost anywhere in the world. Additionally, people can join One Community as members, consultants and/or partners, or use the suggestions links on our open source project-launch blueprinting hubs to help with the design, implementation, and evolution process. Scholarships, weekend learning and work crews, and tourism will be foundations of One Community once we have sufficient infrastructure in place to support these options.


coming together for planet earth: One Community

Phase IV: Universal Appeal and Global Expansion
As One Community continues evolving and establishing ourselves, everything we are doing is creating and promoting the engine to increasingly inspire people with the concept of open source and sustainable living for The Highest Good of All. We are doing this to create mainstream appeal and our path to achieving this appeal is demonstrating a happier, more affordable, and ecologically friendly model of living that can be built anywhere in the world. Open source project-launch blueprinting it all is how we believe the model will spread and, possibly most importantly, that it will predictably spread even faster in the areas where it is needed most because building restrictions, the cost of land, and materials costs are in most cases lower in these areas.



We are taking the technology that exists to live and create for The Highest Good of All and building a bridge between idealism and pragmatism with a solution creating model that creates additional solution creating models. We are calling it One Community and founding it on what we feel most people will consider a more fulfilled and enriching living experience and open source project-launch blueprinting and free-sharing everything so people can duplicate it or evolve it in whatever way they desire. We believe if we make One Community appealing enough, affordable and easy enough to duplicate, and well-enough known, then this idea will spread and duplicate and diversify itself until we reach the necessary ‘tipping point’ in the participation of humanity that will lead our entire species to a new Golden Age of cooperation, collaboration, innovation, creativity, sustainability, and increased peace and happiness for all people.

"In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model.

You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called."
~ Buckminster Fuller ~