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People Development

Creating a new way to live and reinventing the world as a cooperative of self-sufficient and self-replicating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities requires that we go beyond basic survival needs and also address the needs of the human spirit. Whereas food, energy and shelter are essential to our basic existence, we believe humanity is beginning a great re-learning and expansion of previously established ideas that is opening us up to the development of new models of collaboration, cooperation, innovation, harmony, and creative expression. We think education and emotional growth are foundational as new focal points of sustainability because we as a species are shifting and collectively realizing that in order to change the world outside, we must change what is within ourselves. One Community is contributing to this Shift through models dedicated to living for The Highest Good of All and the development of people and tools, tutorials, and systems that are capable of making life easier, more rewarding, and more fulfilling for everyone by establishing duplicable living models that are sustainable and more self-sufficient.




Creating a culture that prioritizes learning from each other, sharing with each other, skill development, giving and contributing, growing while collaborating, and people doing and sharing with each other and the rest of the world what they love and are good at is, in our opinion, foundational to living for The Highest Good of All. We believe this is important because it creates happier people living lives of inspired creation and enriching diversity in a way that maximizes learning, personal development, involvement, and innovation. With One Community these ideas are most directly supported by the cooperative social architecture model, the community contribution model, and the foundation of talent diversity to create an environment where people immerse themselves in learning as part of sharing. Putting all these components together is how we support what we call “people development” and establish much of the fulfilled living aspects of sustainable sustainability.


For adults, people development is about working together to help each other evolve personally through a commitment to lifelong learning and higher consciousness values and accountability while collaborating on global progresssustainability, business building, and how to most effectively open source project-launch blueprint everything for The Highest Good of All. It is a culture of appreciation for the diversity of knowledge each individual holds, and a desire to learn from the experience of others as we teach from our own experience. It is also a culture of contribution, empowerment, and leadership.


making learning fun, emphasizing how to learn over what to learn, what children are capable of, growth and life-experienceFor children, people development is about making learning fun, emphasizing how to learn over what to learn, and the opportunity for involvement in all aspects of daily living and the diversity of activities available at One Community. Traditional learning is, in our opinion, only one small part of what children are capable of, and deserve, if we are to give them the maximum opportunity for growth and life-experience. To help facilitate this and integrate early education into all aspects of One Community, we are also creating the Education for Life program.

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think outside, playground for children and adults, nature's playstation, television free environment, natureOne Community is meant to be a playground for children and adults interested in personal growth, contribution, and living and creating for The Highest Good of All. Maintained as a network-television-free environment designed to maximize an attentive and stimulating environment for all, and minimize screen time (television, video games, etc), we are designing the structure NOW to leverage the talents of an entire community for the benefit of our children and each other. Art, music, nature, growing, contributing, building, mindfulness practices, and immersion in the community experience are parts of every person’s day with a level of space, freedom, age and activity diversity, one on one interaction, and outdoor activities that just aren’t possible in a traditional city environment for children OR adults.

In the model we are creating, people development is prioritized as an aspect of everything we do from food production to recreation with the same level of community input and attention to detail, effectiveness, efficiency, and diversity we invest in everything else. Community members work in teams as part of their community contribution to create a maximally stimulating and fun environment for all community members, young and old, to thrive as both students and teachers. Because we are a community, and not a traditional city environment, all children that are mature enough are invited and welcome at all art classes, music classes, yoga classes, etc. unless consensus decides otherwise. And any child deemed mature enough is also encouraged to participate in community construction activities, food production, meal preparation, and any other community activity deemed educational. If the young person is mature enough and able to fulfill a modified community contribution schedule they can participate in the consensus process as well.

The point of creating One Community is not to modify the current paradigm, but to create a new paradigm that in our vision is better. By honoring each other, including our children, as people with gifts to share and things to teach – and creating an environment founded on doing that and applying it to world problems – we are creating what we believe is the next step in conscious and conscientious living and the ever evolving human story of innovation and progress.

"In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model.

You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called."
~ Buckminster Fuller ~