One Community believes open source creation of tools is the future of sustainability

Open Source

One Community is a non-profit and for The Highest Good of All organization creating open source and free-shared blueprints for a global cooperative of sustainable communities, villages, and cities. This includes 7 different sustainable village prototypes that will function as templates for self-replicating teacher/demonstration hubs to be built around the world and share comprehensive sustainability and collaborative global change for The Highest Good of All. Our initial focus is the following areas:


More specifically, we are designing and free-sharing everything needed for duplication of each component and/or all of One Community including:

● Complete duplication plans
● Complete cost and implementation needs
● Complete cost analysis for material and equipment
● Complete time investment needs for each component
● How to work with local governments, counties, codes, etc.
● Specifically how to duplicate each component, and what to be aware of
● The best places that we’ve found to purchase materials, equipment, and other related elements
● Our complete and on-going experience. This includes evolutions of all of the above as well as an educational systemsocial architecture, and other Highest Good of All lifestyle and stewardship practices





Everything we do is created without patents, copyrights, or limitations of use of any kind. This means everyone is welcome and encouraged to use anything we create in any way they like.


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We are creating blueprints, tools, tutorials, and as many resources as possible to streamline, simplify, and specifically forward the duplication of all components of One Community. This is to make  additional projects easy for others to launch and evolve even further. Components are being designed to be duplicated either modularly where each is its own stand alone do-it-yourself project, or as a complete self-sufficient and self-replicating teacher/demonstration hub like One Community.

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Highest Good energy, green energy, off the grid living, eco-living, going green, sustainable energy Our duplicable energy infrastructure is designed to eliminate power bills, be a source of revenue for those still connected to the grid, and built to evolve and grow with the evolution and expansion of new technologies too.
Highest Good housing, cob construction, earthbag construction, straw bale construction, earthship construction, subterranean construction, sustainable homes, eco-homes Our duplicable housing infrastructure is designed to be do-it-yourself construction (complete with blueprints and multi-media tutorials), more affordable because of the sustainable materials we use and the partnerships we are building, and longer lasting than traditional homes.
One Community school, One Community education, teaching strategies for life, curriculum for life, One Community, transformational education, open source education, free-shared education, eco-education, curriculum for life, strategies of leadership, the ultimate classroom, teaching tools for life, for the highest good of all, Waldorf, Study Technology, Study Tech, Montessori, Reggio, 8 Intelligences, Bloom's Taxonomy, Orff, our children are our future, the future of kids, One Community kids, One Community families, education for life, transformational living Our duplicable education model is designed for all ages, built to exceed traditional educational standards, and modifiable for application in a homeschooling environment, a traditional schooling environment, or for use as a complete community-based private schooling program.
Highest Good for-profit business, Highest Good non-profit business, open source business, One Community entrepreneurial model, making money at One Community, sustainable business Our duplicable for-profit and non-profit business infrastructure is designed to function for The Highest Good of All, help make the communities, villages, and cities profitable for their inhabitants and/or investors, and to further share and spread the teacher/demonstration model globally.
a new way to life, living fulfilled, an enriching life, enriched life, fulfilled life, ascension, evolving consciousness, loving life Our duplicable social architecture and recreation model is designed to provide on-site activity diversity that is superior to most metropolitan areas, more time to enjoy these activities, and built-in structures for maintaining and evolving it all.
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We are creating everything we do as open source and free-shared blueprints because we see this as the path to a new Golden Age of creativity, innovation, cooperation, and collaboration for all of humanity. Our model is a solution model that creates additional solution creating models enabling people to live and collaborate globally for The Highest Good of All. The easier we make everything we do, the faster we see the world transitioning.

Every aspect of this model supports itself and contributes to its success, from the sustainable food, energy, and construction, to the social architectureOne Community Education Program, and open source sharing model itself. Each piece can be accessed, evolved, and even re-birthed as something completely new. It can be duplicated by itself or with other modules, with applications as diverse as the people who want and need them. The constantly expanding total model will additionally be able to be used in its entirety as the open source project-launch blueprint for a variety of duplicate teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities capable of being built virtually anywhere.

The most profound part is: the more we open source share, the more we help move everyone forward, the more people know about what we are doing and can participate, and the more successful and capable we are of project-launch blueprinting and sharing even more still. This is all supported and made possible because:

● We have the team to produce an extensive quality and diversity of tools and resources
● It gives us the opportunity to broaden the concept of sustainability and make it more desirable
● Areas we open source expand our ability to evolve even faster through global collaboration
● Each new area open sourced expands our target audience, advancing our world changing goals
● The more we show our ability to share what we are creating, the more others will benefit and want to join this movement and mimic the part we are playing in it

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Our open source strategy will evolve 5 primary types of open source content:

● Video tutorials
● Audio tutorials
● Live streaming video
● Direct/live interaction
● Written content and downloadable PDFs

Maximum exposure is accomplished through simultaneous implementation of the following strategies:

● Free-shared audio, visual, and PDF downloads
● Scholarship and intern programs for direct learning
● Videoing or live-streaming almost all classes and activities
● Tourism option for involvement in almost all aspects of One Community
● Dedicated and search engine optimized sections of our website for each key area
● Our established infrastructure that simultaneously posts to over 30 social networks

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With this model and the team we are building, it will take us only 6 months (from the day we move onto the property and begin working full-time as a group) to become one of the most productive, comprehensive, and useful sources of global-solution information in the world. The greatest gift is that through massive service and assistance, we get to “be the change we wish to see in the world” and become leaders by example of truly living for The Highest Good of All.

To assure that we achieve this objective of becoming one of the most productive, comprehensive and useful sources of global-solution information in the world, we have set the following specific goals for open source creation during our first 6 months of residing on the property:

● 300 short videos – 3 uploads per day which takes less than 3 hours/day
● 12 one-hour tutorials on each of our projects, from architecture to food production to consensus governing – Estimate 20 hours of creation time each (240 total hours)
● A live streaming page with live classes/events throughout the day – creates 8 hours/day of content and requires less than 1 hour/per day to maintain
● 2-3 articles a week generating PDF plans on each arena of development – 5 hours/article (2 hrs/day)
● Library of existing resources and information – 100 hours to build + 2 hours/day to maintain
● 3 hours a day invested in dedicated video taping for inclusion in all of the above

Based on the goals above, daily maintenance of this program will amount to 11 hours a day average, plus about 360 hours (spread over 6 months = 2 hours/day) of build time for the information library and 12 tutorials, for a total of 13 hours a day (91 hours a week) for generating open source content. To meet and exceed this need we have allocated the equivalent of 3 full-time people (120 hours a week) to the tasks that will generate an estimated 2,800 hours of open source contribution to the world in our first 6 months.


One Community is creating, open source project-launch blueprinting, and free-sharing everything needed to build solution models that create additional solution-creating models. This is our methodology for positive and permanent global transformation and our blueprints, tutorials, and all of our content will be used to duplicate individual components or the whole model. We are doing this because we know that if we demonstrate these solution models that create additional solution-creating models as rewarding enough, affordable enough, and easy enough, then they will become the path to humanity awakening and living as a global Highest Good of All society that will improve life for everyone and everything on this planet.


Q: How do people who wish to work on open source designs work together, collaborate, etc.? What options exist for this?

Currently we have 5 ways to participate. Here they are in order of the level of collaboration with One Community from most to least collaborative:

  1. Join us as a Pioneer and become a part of our weekly calls, Project Teams, Welcome Teams, etc.
  2. Become a Consultant and/or Partner and join us on weekly Project Team calls, get editing access on our Google Docs, etc.
  3. Contribute via the Collaborative Notes links included in the portals (not all portals have these yet) by using the “comments” function
  4. Use the Suggestions Link included in most of the portals or send us an email with your idea
  5. Copy the information and use it as you wish in whatever way you wish on your own of with your own team

Q: Won’t this approach undermine existing professionals because you are giving away what they are normally paid to create?

We do not believe so for 3 primary reasons:

  1. This simplification and demystification of comprehensive sustainability will predictably grow all related industries.
  2. A do-it-yourself model is attractive to many but definitely not all and a large percentage of this new market will still A) prefer to pay to have things done for them or B) seek hands on training and/or deeply involved paid consulting best provided by the professionals who can provide it.
  3. The diversity of peoples desires and unparalleled creativity of the human spirit can be expected to motivate people towards a desire to make everything we do even better, even more beautiful, and even more sustainable and effective. These expected evolutions and modifications are at the heart of our global transformation strategy, for The Highest Good of All, and specifically why we are project-launch blueprinting and not just open sourcing. Because of this, we see open source and free-sharing everything desired for duplication as the needed option for many people, and the opportunity for investment, evolution, and new innovation and creatively building off of and beyond these foundations for most people.

Q: Will you be teaching on-going classes?

We will offer on-going scholarship and participation programs for all components of One Community as we are building them. This means we will teach on-going classes in all areas as we develop them and then refer to existing organizations and groups purposed specifically for teaching these things from that point forward. Any area that is in continuous development (ex: the Education for Life Program) will provide ongoing classes. Any area that will have a definitive completion point (ex: the earthbag village) will be referred after completion to other teacher/demonstration hubs seeking help and existing organizations specifically purposed and experienced in teaching all aspects related to these areas.

Q: What are your plans to evolve your open source project-launch blueprints?

We will use the feedback and questions we receive during and after everything we build to continuously update our open source information, tools, and resources through our on-going experience and on-going global collaboration and function as an open source sharing and solutions research and development hub.

"In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model.

You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called."
~ Buckminster Fuller ~