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One Community Stream of Consciousness

“One Community Stream of Consciousness” is a play on words representing a philosophy of intentional community building through consensus and conscious awareness. “One” (singular) “Community” (people working together) “Stream of Consciousness” (the flow of thoughts/consciousness): A group of people collectively targeting their consciousness to create something extraordinary. Also, the collective consciousness focused on the goal of 1 community as the foundation for achieving change in the much larger community that is Humanity; demonstrating the power of community for healing, entrepreneurship, and happiness as a duplicable model.


The concept is simple: people are more creative, more empowered, more productive, and happier when they feel accepted, loved, and respected. While there are those who seem to work best when motivated by adversity or fear of consequences, the fact remains that “you gather more bees with honey.” A simple look at research on successful child rearing practices, or a review of the most successful and creative people in the world, proves this fact.

Anyone who has ever been a part of a group of people all choosing to work towards a common goal, where the goal is more important than individual egos, has experienced this concept of unified consciousness. Unity through common desire and genuine community making without even trying. In these cases the results are swift, dramatic, and in most cases very fun to achieve; they are also duplicable.


The primary foundation for achieving a “stream of consciousness” or collective consciousness is rooted in the willing commitment of all individuals to a common goal. The goal can be anything, and the reasons for this commitment can vary widely, but for maximum effectiveness every individual must be a part of the creation by choice. Examples where this “one mind consciousness” happens naturally are situations of trauma and situations of celebration; major disasters and huge victories are both natural cases of people coming together and moving in a direction that, at least for the moment, supersedes the needs of the individual’s ego. In these situations you will see that for the vast majority connection, acceptance, and respect for each other comes naturally.

The second foundation is decentralized power through consensus decision making so everyone has an equal voice in the decision making process. Like everyone willingly choosing into the goal, this is essential to sustainable community building and collective consciousness creation because it empowers people and contributes to open communication; driving issues that can destroy teams and communities to the surface for discussion before they become undermining factors to the goal. When one person not feeling heard, not understanding, or not agreeing with a course of action can stop that action, the creativity of the whole, not just the leaders, is stimulated until a solution is found or forward movement will not happen.


One amazing leader with 100 amazing followers will rarely, if ever, be able to accomplish what 100 average but empowered people sharing openly and working together will accomplish. This is what creating One Community is all about, everyone choosing to commit to community building and building a social and business model that supports and capitalizes on this commitment and creates the psychology of consciousness: freedom, empowerment, gratitude, and expression.

From this place we can create abundance and a new way of living that would not be possible as individuals. Take a look at the One Community Social Model, the page on expressing our giftsour philosophy, and our non profit status to see how we put this 1 community stream of consciousness to work for the benefit of our group and humanity.

"In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model.

You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called."
~ Buckminster Fuller ~