Most Common Questions

Q: Where is One Community Located?

We are not sharing the details of where One Community will be built because we are still working on procuring funding to purchase the property. As soon as we are in escrow we will share complete details. Until then, please visit our Property Page to read all about the details of the amazing property that we ARE sharing.

Q: What if I am considering becoming a Pioneer and want to know the specific location before making that decision?

Send us your Invitation to Join! We share the location and all other property details during the second Interview.

Q: This website is huge, where is the best place to start?

Start either at the Homepage or the One Community Site Overview Page

Q: Is there a waiting list or benefit to sending in an Invitation now if I can’t actually become a part of One Community until later?

No, we are not creating a waiting list and there is no benefit to sending in your Invitation early because the Invitation process continues to evolve, and so will the Sponsorship Program once it is launched, so the best thing to do is to apply when you are ready versus early.

Q: Do you have a newsletter or e-mail list I can join?

We have a list of people that have e-mailed us, and you are welcome to e-mail us to be added to that list, but we are not planning a newsletter or sending out e-mails anytime soon, choosing instead to use our new facebook updates page (also the networks found here) to communicate the on-going evolution of One Community.

Q: What if I just want to talk to someone on the phone?

The volume of daily inquiries is huge. For people interested in becoming a Community Member we ask that you please fill out the Community Member Invitation Form first. For people interested in any other type of association we ask that you please fill out the Partnership Interest Form first. These forms provide the necessary information for us to best understand your needs and serve you as efficiently and completely as possible.

Q: What if I can’t find an answer to my question here or anywhere else?

 Please email us 🙂

Other Questions

Q: One Community has been referred to as an “ethosolution.” What is an “ethosolution”?

An ethosolution (here’s our website dedicated to Ethosolutions) is a term coined from the two root words “ethos” – the guiding beliefs and ideals that characterize a community, a nation, or an ideology, and “solution” – A) the homogeneous combination of two substances and B) the positive answer to a problem. Simply put ethosolutions are organizations, causes, and movements of people founded on simple principles everyone can agree on as beneficial for humanity: sustainability, honesty, philanthropy, creativity, cooperation, love, integrity, etc. It is the combination of that which creates an organization’s positive character with conscious and conscientious technologies and methodologies.

Q: What about leaving? How do people vacation, travel, etc.?

The whole community is designed to be an on-going vacation-like living experience with space for the people we care about most to visit and share in our creation. Because of this foundation of our model, we are not a community of people who believe touring the world and seeing exotic places is the ‘good life’ when we can create and live in our own version of paradise every day – constantly evolving and enriching it to meet our ever changing needs and desires and inviting everyone we’d normally want to vacation with to visit. That said, community contribution gives much more flexibility than any traditional job because we structure our own hours and work together to help each other when time off is needed to visit family, travel, etc. See the Community Contribution Page for more details.

Q: What about computers, technology, etc.; are we going to be completely isolated from the world?

The exact opposite. Our goal is to be as connected in technologically as possible, inviting the world through every medium to see and visit what we are creating every step of the way. A solid internet connection supplying most of the property with wi-fi will be in place week one.

Q: Do I have to give up all my stuff to this resource based economy?

No. Read the resource based economy page. People can share what they want, keep personal what they want, and community consensus will determine what we purchase for community use. Ultimately, however, our goal is to be able to provide everything from technology to vehicles for community use without the need or expense of individual ownership unless someone wishes it.

Q: Will I be able to put the house I own as outlined in the Becoming a Community Member Page in my will?

Yes, and the details of property ownership and community membership will be decided by consensus on the property so that everyone affected by a decision as important as this will be a part of the decision making process.

Q: Are there plans for handicap accessible rooms and common areas?

Yes, but we aren’t sure how long it will take us to develop these aspects of the community.

Q: What if someone wants to move family members into the community? For example what if someone wants to take care of their elderly parent, or adopt a child, or meets a significant other outside the community? Would all new community members have to fill out an invitation form and go through the formal process? 

Yes, decisions like this affect the whole group and how we deal with this will need to be decided through the consensus process.

Q: Would there be priority for family and friends to join? When the community approaches capacity for permanent residence, what if another family member needs to join? Would it be allowed if a pod is shared with the new member?

Questions like this will need to be decided by the initial Pioneer Team on the property and through the consensus process.

Consensus and Governing Structure

Q: How do you expect to succeed with consensus?

Read the page on the consensus process and how we will phase it in. This page also links to our page on our consensus trainings and how they relate to One Community doing consensus.

Q: What about emotional conflict? How do you keep consensus meetings from turning into meetings about individual issues rather than community issues?

Read this page about what consensus is and is not. Issues like this are specifically covered in the consensus trainings we host teaching about conscious communication, feedback, and other tools to address this potential problem. The community will also operate a weekly conflict resolution class/meeting specifically for addressing issues like this. During consensus meetings any discussion that appears to be personal rather than communal is referred to these meetings.

Business Structure and Operation

Q: How do you intend to keep the community contribution and social aspects moving forward? 

The consensus process and our screening/sponsorship program. The consensus process in a situation like this would function like a family supporting a fellow family member not pulling their weight; coming together as a community to better understand and help the individual to participate fully and fairly. As a group committed to maintaining what is literally the most beautiful community we can collectively imagine creating, we are all equally invested and would decide as a group what the best solution would be to any problem that arrises. To best assure something like this happens as little as possible, we also have a very detailed sponsorship program designed with this potential issue in mind.

Q: Can I sell or rent the house I own as outlined in the Becoming a Community Member Page?

Yes, this is covered by our entrepreneurial model and the details beyond this related to selling and/or renting your will be decided by consensus on the property so that everyone affected by a decision as important as this will be a part of the decision making process.

Q: Is your business model for entrepreneurship communism?

Far from it, it’s actually capitalism at its best. Even with extensive financial resources it would be nearly impossible to bring together the same collaborative diversity of talent provided by One Community; and even then they would just be doing a job. With the One Community model, adopting a business is done by the community as a whole.

Q: Is this community socialism?

By definition socialism is “an economic and political theory advocating public or common ownership and cooperative management of the means of production and allocation of resources.” While consensus decision making and a resource based economy could be called socialism, we also encourage and support individual entrepreneurship both financially and as a labor-force and think-tank when the community agrees by consensus to endorse a business model. We call this sovereignism because the focus is in helping people to set themselves free and in doing so help the community as a whole to remain free too – allowing us to further free more people.

Q: Can I live in One Community and work outside the community?

Our entire model is designed so people don’t have to but yes, as long as you also meet the requirements of being a Community Member. If you cannot meet community contribution or other requirements of being a Community Member we suggest exploring the other options for involvement.

Q: What about the jobs nobody wants to do? What if I absolutely hate gardening or doing laundry?

The community is large enough that nobody should have to do anything they absolutely do not want to do. Jobs that are least desirable are discussed and divided amongst community members by consensus. They are also performed in teams to make them more fun and more easily accomplished.


Please read the One Community Retirement Page.


Q: Is this a cult… am I going to need to buy special shoes and drink the kool-aid?

No. While genuine community is exemplified by elevated states of consciousness often associated with spiritual awakening, the spirituality of One Community is just acceptance and celebration of our differences and diversity. Read our Spirituality Page.

Q: I’m an atheist (Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist), can I join One Community?

Yes. All religions, non-religions, and all belief systems are welcome. The general feel of One Community is of deep spirituality and connectedness but not denominational or religious. Please read our Spirituality Page.

Miscellaneous Questions

Q: Should we have a strategy to prevent possible plots to destroy the community?

No, we are not creating a survivalist community and are instead choosing to prepare for a future of abundance, happiness, creativity, and cooperation that we believe will be a new Golden Age for humanity helped tremendously by everything One Community is purposed to create and represent.

"In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model.

You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called."
~ Buckminster Fuller ~