The One Community Promotional Engine

One Community is creating a mutually beneficial and globally collaborative culture in business and sharing practices as part of our open source project-launch blueprinting and agressive sharing strategy. This is, in our opinion, foundational to global sustainability and the success of our four-phase global change strategy and intent to help in the building of self-propagating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities all over the world. What we are creating will impact the entire planet for generations to come and we desire to enter into mutually beneficial relationships as we continue aggressively open source project-launch blueprinting these ideas in ways that we expect to continue indefinitely. This page describes the details of our current and future strategies for engaging, expanding, and ultimately unifying the global sustainability movement for The Highest Good of All.




We believe global sustainability is possible if enough people want it. To exponentially expand the audience we are creating entirely new markets for sustainability by designing, demonstrating, and aggressively marketing and open source project-launch blueprinting comprehensive sustainability models that are:

● Affordable
● Globally accessible
Catered specifically to the 6 foundational human needs
Created without copyrights, patents, or limitations of duplication and use
● Implementable as either modules or complete teaching/demonstration communities like ours
● Designed for duplication by normal people with average knowledge and little or no experience
● Supported with the marketing engine described below that will be capable of exposing enough people to build the necessary momentum for this model to continue on its own

We see each of these components contributing significantly to our model for helping people create self-sufficient teacher/demonstration sustainable community, village, and city models that will in-turn demonstrate and teach additional groups of people how to build even more sustainable city models, leading to exponential interest and expansion.


The One Community Promotional Engine is a constantly growing and expanding tool to share our ideas and increase exposure of One Community, our open source project-launch blueprinting components, and our like-minded partners. Our promotional engine is designed to grow indefinitely and exponentially once we are funded, on the property, and hosting people because maximum exposure and establishing a collaborative mainstream culture interested in our expanded form of comprehensive sustainability is, in our opinion, essential to our goal of rapid implementation of our free-shared blueprints and design details for on-going creation of additional teaching/demonstration communities, villages, and cities around the world. Here is what we are doing thus far to assure this:


collaborative culture in business, one community, advertising grant, world changing goals, keywordsDue to a very generous grant we have a $10,000 per month internet advertising budget. To maximize the effectiveness of this campaign we have spent months researching keywords, refining our message, building web pages, and developing what is arguably the most comprehensive, well-researched, and diverse marketing plan in the sustainability industry. We are continuously evolving this campaign and will be globally marketing all aspects of our project through this marketing engine for the foreseeable future. We see this as a hugely beneficial aspect of our promotional engine that we use for the benefit of not only our project but everyone who chooses to work with us and be a part of our global change strategy.


collaborative culture in business, one community, social networks, social media, social marketingWe post weekly updates, blogs, every new page we create, and other promotional material to over 30 different social media networks. As just one example of our growing success with this approach, our inspiration focused facebook fan page already has over 5000+ followers with a consistent weekly reach exceeding 75,000 people. The combination of creating constant new content and posting to all these networks increases global exposure for us and our team, drives traffic to our website, and elevates the search engine rankings for everything we create and promote.


search engine optimization, one community, collaborative culture in businessWe are experts in search engine optimization and maintain a weekly search engine optimization research and integration strategy that has researched well over 100,000 keywords to identify the best terms to maximize our website exposure through search engine results and the above mentioned ad campaign. Every page, post, and promotional piece we create is specifically optimized and cross integrated with our multiple sites and many social media networks to maximize our rankings with all the major search engines.


We have also built two websites additionally purposed for continuous mainstream/public collaboration with us in creating even more forward global movement. Both of these sites are designed for indefinite growth and public contribution so anyone can contribute to them and help us in supporting, collecting, and sharing continuous information that is for The Highest Good of All.

Ethosolutions Header, ethosolution website, ethosolution logo, ethosolution brand, ethosolutions image

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Ethosolutions” are ideas, products, organizations, or causes founded upon guiding principles and ideals universally acknowledged as creating a better world. Anything generally accepted as moving humanity forward and/or being a solution to common problems of our day, with a positive effect on the whole of humanity and the earth, is something we might feature on the website.

peoples agenda 21, the future - your hands, peoples agenda twenty one, the peoples agenda

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The website is a 40 chapter website covering every aspect of sustainability from Protecting the Atmosphere to Protecting and Promoting Human Health to ethical Biotechnology Management. The purpose of the site is to organize and share open source action items implementable on the individual and local level while providing our organization with a comprehensive map of what already exists as open source sustainability resources and where help from an organization like ours can be most effective.


open source, collaborative culture in business, free-sharing, sustainability gift, one community, The purpose of our organization is to create, demonstrate, and lead open source project-launch blueprinting for building self-sufficient teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities modeled after One Community. As part of this we have a detailed strategy to become the number one provider of open source and free-shared information in the world within 6 months of arriving on the property that includes the creation of over 300 YouTube videos, 12 full component reproduction/duplication tutorials, a comprehensive live-streaming strategy, Q&A forum, and more. See our Open Source Blueprint Page for complete details.


Our goal is to expand our collaborative culture in business to include every aspect of sustainable and self-sufficient teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and city creation. While we are purposed to create and free-share open source tools, tutorials, and resources, the following are areas we will be outsourcing to the like-minded consultants and business partners who support this vision for global change, living and creating for The Highest Good of All, and helping us along the way:

● All materials provision and shipping
● Remote component modification expertise and consulting
● Hands-on training beyond that which we’ll provide during each phase of our build – meaning once we are done with earthbag building of Pod 1, we will no longer be offering this as a hands-on experience with us because we will be moving on to the exploration and evolution of a different sustainable method (specifically straw bale building of Pod 2)


In short, our specific part of the four-phase global change strategy is to create and demonstrate the blueprints needed to demystify the building and establishment process of self-sufficient and self-replicating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities all over the world. We will provide people with an easy-to-follow roadmap and we are also in the process of building the necessary team to support people’s additional needs in every other aspect of the building, evolution, modification, materials identification and delivery process, etc. of all future builds following our lead.

We see these relationships as being a significant source or revenue for our partners because they will be sourced from the entirely new market we will be creating through our global change and open source strategy – two strategies that will continuously engage the mainstream public as we demonstrate what we are doing as a superior form of living that is replicable, more affordable, provides more of what people want in their lives, and allows people to participate in this growing movement for The Highest Good of All too.

"In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model.

You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called."
~ Buckminster Fuller ~