Open Source Education for Life

One Community is developing our all-ages education infrastructure to be globally free-shared and to address and objectively exceed existing educational benchmarks as one of the components of our open source project-launch blueprinting strategy to create self-propagating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities all over the world. We believe education should be:

  • Inspiring and fun
  • Inclusive of parents
  • Provided in a manner that we would want to experience as adults
  • Applicable and beneficial to all ages and focused equally on how to teach and how people learn and achieve as much as what to learn and achieve

We are combining these components to ultimately create happier and more effective students, teachers, and people in general. To meet this goal for as many as possible, we are providing everything we create as an open source and duplicable program for holistic development before, during, and beyond primary and secondary education. We are also integrating this into our self-propagating teacher/demonstration community, village, and city strategy as a template for the foundational culture of lifetime growth that we consider essential to living a life that is rich and fulfilling.


Create and open source free-share a holistic Highest Good of All education model applicable to both children and adults, with built in objectives and collaborative tools to assess and evolve all components, allowing student to advance according to their ability and exceed boundaries and expectations of traditional education models.


To maximize real-world options for all participants and prepare ourselves and our children, through education and application, to be leaders and influential contributors to what we believe is the beginning of a new golden age of innovation, collaboration, creativity, and people living and working together for The Highest Good of All.



Transforming Education for Life

transformative education, new education paradigm, lifetime of growth, knowledge is power, expansive education, new world educationWe are taking the best of what is available and combining it to create an education program for all ages. In our opinion, we are all teachers and we are all students. We believe in a new paradigm of learning and teaching that supports education as an ongoing collaborative process between all participants. With this in mind, we are designing this program to be supportive of a lifelong process of learning and growth, engaging, fun, expansive, and applicable to both adults and children.


project management software, open source software, teacher/demonstration village, objective fulfilled living, data gathering for The Highest Good, transforming the planet, global collaboration, working together, tangible time, One Community, ACE Application Open Source Hub, Open Source ACE, ACE ApplicationHere are the foundations of the program that we have been developing and are adding to almost daily. (If you’d like updates on this and other aspects of our project, join us on our Facebook Transformational Education Page.)

● Foundations of Teaching and Communicating
● Curriculum for Life – Birth through adult curriculum
● Teaching Strategies for Life – Education strategies for all ages
● Learning Tools and Toys for Life – Engaging games and other learning aids for all ages
● Lesson Plans for Life – Specific lesson plans created from all of the above
● Evaluation and Evolution – Collaborative “Growth Portfolio” creation and maintenance
● The Ultimate Classroom – Open source and free-shared classroom design and layout details
● Licensing – Open source sharing of our process to create a licensed education program


foundations of teaching, improving communication, celebrating life, creating magic, better communication, how to work together, for The Highest Good of AllThe purpose of the Foundations of Teaching and Communicating component is to clearly outline the mindset and methodology of exceptional leaders, teachers, communicators, speakers, and coaches as a template for all community members to use in our interactions with children and each other. We are working on creating a 2-page overview that will be readable and understandable by a 10 year old as well as exciting and informative to anyone interested in these tools.


lifetime of curriculum, curriculum without limits, expansive curriculum, curriculum for growth, ageless curriculumThe purpose of the Curriculum for Life component is to clearly outline everything we believe should be part of the human learning experience for any age. This includes all traditional subjects (math, science, reading, etc.), life skills (emotional awareness and responsibility, integrity, healthy relationships, communication skills, etc.), and subjects typically reserved for college (public speaking, business skills, psychology, etc.).


teaching styles, learning styles, individualized teaching, individualized learning, ways to teachThe purpose of the Teaching Strategies for Life component is to provide a diversity of teaching approaches that can be adapted to teach as many aspects of the Curriculum for Life Component as possible. To create this, we have started with components from the philosophies of the well known alternative teaching methods of Maria Montessori, Waldorf, Carl Orff Schulwerk, Reggio Emilia ApproachHoward Gardner’s 8 Multiple-Intelligences, Bloom’s Taxonomy, and Study Technology and then expanded beyond them. The styles, strategies, and approaches we are outlining are for both the education program and our social architecture. They are being adapted for adults teaching children, adults teaching adults, children teaching children, and children teaching adults.

Montessori  ●  Waldorf  ●  Orff  ●  Reggio  ●  Multi-Intelligence  ●  Bloom’s Taxonomy  ●  Study Tech


teaching tools, teaching aids, helping teach, things to teach, brainy toys, educational aids, educational help, educational tools, ed tools, smart toys

The purpose of the Learning Tools for Life component is the on-going expansion, categorization, and implementation of tools and items that help enhance all of the above components.  We have spent the last 4 years researching and expanding our collection of learning tools and toys. Examples of tools include educational toys and puzzles, games, memory aids, educational books, music, and anything else that is used as an aide to learning.


lesson plans for life, life learning, learning for life, we are the universe, celebrating learning, lifetime of learning, lessons for all ages, ageless learning, timeless learningThe Lesson Plans for Life component integrates all of the components above and is being designed to detail the first 6 months of lessons we intend to use on the property. Our highest priority is to support all members of One Community, and especially our youngest members, to grow as freethinking, amazing, creative, world-changing leaders. The educational plans incorporate all ages. For individuals with specific goals, the program incorporates specific paths to achieving scholarships, pre-college credit, advanced college placement, and/or direct entrance into emerging fields and careers. This component of our education model is also being designed to include ideas for integrating lessons into the One Community social architecture.


people development, helping people develop, helping people grow, evolving education, evolving teaching, evolving learningThe purpose of the Evaluation and Evolution component is to clearly outline a process for objectively measuring and progressing the effectiveness of our education program and social architecture. The Evaluation and Evolution process is engaging, fun, and beneficial for of all participating members. This collaborative process between the “teacher” and the “student” will be engaged a minimum of once every month. This processes is physically represented as a person’s portfolio. A portfolio is a record of growth and development which is designed and maintained by the individual, in collaboration with anyone who supports the achievement of their personal growth and education goals, which could include any community members and/or fellow students enrolled.


The Ultimate Classroom is the physical space (buildings, rooms, etc.) we are designing to host our education program. We will be open source sharing the complete design, build, and evolution of this educational space with all of our other infrastructure. We are also designing our educational “day” and entire development environment to invite children who demonstrate enough maturity to be safe and proactive to participate in hands-on building and daily operation activities at One Community.


The purpose of this component is to identify what licensing we need, if any, to operate our initial homeschooling environment just for our kids, what we need to do to eventually get licensed in our state so we can offer private education for other people’s children, and to share that information and any other information we uncover that would be helpful for others to legally replicate our program. Another part of this component will be identifying any additional insurance and other similar child-specific expenses and requirements we need to address.


Imagine Wisdom Education (I WE): Transformational Education Provider
Dr. Connie Stomper: Double Doctoral Degrees in Education and Psychology and Spiritual Science
Julie Daigle: B.S. in Elementary and Early Childhood Education and Trained Monetessori Teacher/Director
Mark Sabol: PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

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Q: Is this an on-line school?

No, our goal is to create the largest free on-line archive of usable teaching ideas, examples, resources, and tools and to demonstrate a community based school. The on-line archive, like all of our open source materials, is being build as part of our open source project-launch blueprinting to provide for free what people need to implement the program in part or as a complete home or community-based schooling system. As part of what we are creating we’d like to teach people how to get licensed, apply for scholarships, receive college credit, ace the ACT/SATs, etc. but we will not be taking on-line students or providing any tracking or online testing, etc. like an on-line school. We WILL be providing everything we do for free so it can be duplicated or applied in the home, traditional schooling environments, or go set up a community-based school like One Community’s.

Q: Will this educational program be open to the public?

We are open source and free-sharing the complete program online as we continue to develop it – indefinitely. We will also be seeking licensing so we can offer the program as a local private school option and to open source share the process to help others interested in setting up private school options too.

Q: How will this program compare to traditional schooling models?

We are designing the program to objectively surpass all traditional schooling benchmarks.

Q: Does this education program focus on the teachings of a specific religion?

The One Community spiritual philosophy is non-denominational and so is the education program.


"In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model.

You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called."
~ Buckminster Fuller ~